Our fabrics

We are passionate about good fabric - always natural and, as much as available, organic.  We will wash and dry our textiles before we cut them.  They will be soft and a bit beaten up.  There may be a touch of irregularity in the dye, and these are the details that promise these pieces will get better with time as you wear them in.  We want your fine fabrics to be truly lived in.  

5H1A2862_R (1).jpg

Pale blue organic silk linen

This silk linen charms us because when it arrives it has that great grain of a linen or a dupioni, but when we wash and dry it the texture softens to a baby blanket softness and drapes beautifully.  It has an obvious and irregular grain that gives a bit of texture to this soft and pale shade of blue.

5H1A3244_R (1).jpg

organic Black silk linen

This black silk linen has an obvious grain and texture.  It is crisp off the roll, and when washed softens to a luxurious drape.  It does lose its sheen and the richness of its hue in the laundry, and we do want to alert you that it will continue to fade with wear and wash.  If you would like yours unwashed, please email us with your purchase.

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peach linen

This is a crisp pale peach linen.  It washes well, doesn't much fade and will hold its shape.  It does need a nice iron when out of the laundry.


organic navy silk twill

This organic silk twill is our favorite.  It begins a rich deep blue and fades with care to a dusty grey blue.  Best for garments to be worn casually, it is soft but holds its structure.  It does have bits of irregularity in the dye.  We can cut around these as best as we can but there may be gradations in the color.


chambray blue yarn dyed linen

This linen is everyone's favorite.  It is a linen and rayon blend so it is unusually soft and drapey for a linen.  It washes beautifully.  The color is like a Spring sky.  We love this fabric.


Organic cocoa silk challis

This is an extremely voluptuous, drapey and soft silk.  I love the way it washes and dries.  It holds its color beautifully.  Its tone is rich and regular.  This fabric is a treat to wear, it has the feel of a silk charmeuse but it is thicker with a slightly more matte face.  


Organic cream silk chamois

This is another luscious textile with a heavy hand and soft drape.  It washes and dries beautifully and holds its shape.